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Digital Supplements Reference- Artwork Documenation Reportage Event Photography Story Telling Micro Stock Archive PR Press Media Services Das gezeigte Bildmaterial (Einzelbilder oder Foto- strecken) ist urheberrechtlich geschützt. Gleiches gilt für jede Art von Bildmaterial in den „Digital Supplements.“ Wir erteilen Bildnutzungs- rechte nur mit schriftlichen Vereinbarungen. (Lizenzvertrag) The pictured photographic material (single frames or photo collections) is Copyright © protected. The same applies to for each kind from photos in "Digital media inserts (supplements).” We grant image usage right only with me written license agreement.
PR Press Media Content + Press Pages Digital Desktop Supplements 10 - 20 full frame images with short copy illustration, own PRM-Domain and link-visual for webpage and social media incl. CI-layout. Productiuon time: 1-2 days PR-Magazine frame.
PR Press Media: PR-Magazines for fast moving content. With editorial schedule. Smartphone format. Running content production required. Daily or weekly updates. Available with QR-Code. Project development: 1 - 2 month up to publishing date.
PR Press Media content production without PR-Magazine frame. Copy/conceptions and photo material. Delivery in project folder without frame layout.
PR Press Media photo movie production. 10 - 15 images as video file with sublines, music. 60 seconds max. MP4 file. Webpage. Social Media. (Instagram, Facebook, tictok, linkedin etc.)
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PR Press Media Image Data Base Illustration artwork for any kind of content. Own Image Data Base. Stock material. Never published material. High resoliution. With license contract.
PR Press Media Copy/Conception article, documentation, reportage. Creative, journalistic, formal. Full range of copy/conception.
PR Press Media Accompany meetings, travels, events, exhibitions, pr activities. Personal accompany for PR Press Media documentation. Formal reports or personal story telling.
PR Press Media Events Event Photography and documentation incl. follow up media production. „Event.PR-Magazine“ with own Event- title-domain and unlimited photo- publishing. Incl. after sales and print service. (full service) Pre-Production: 2 days. Alternatively: Digital supplement.
Link-Visual: PR Press Media Exhibitions Exhibition report for marketing, press, media: Booth architecture, products, show acts, presentations, interviews, press conferences, people stories and guest. External folder content or PR-Magazine framed: Digital supplement
PR Press Media Photography Story telling, documentation, reportage, portraits, destination portraits, crisis, remote (Digital Suppleement/Bild)
PR Press Media Accreditation With internationa press card for any type of approval.
PR Press Media : Stand-by Service and Consulting Gernany, Europe, Asia, China. +49 151 5356 1008  (T + WhatsApp) Video +86 139 168 186 73 (T + WeChat) Video ZOOM - Video Call
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