Wedding Photography
Every wedding photographer and every Studio knows the meaning about wedding photography for a couple, their families and friends which attend this special event with official ceremony, traditional acts and the later big party. Not to forget the couple portrait shoots in advance. And there is no doubt about it, that every Studio and every Photographer promise to capture all the important moments of this event in a special way. They are professionals with long term experience and a lot of routine to do this. Of course I can not promise anything others. So I will avoid to make advertising here for myself, that finally Studios and wedding clients are more convinced for a for co-work. But there are still significant differences. Indeed Studio is not Studio and Photographer is not Photographer. Otherwise everybody would deliver exactly the same result. But also this is possible, if the Studio follows strictly standards and norms in settings, light, posing and locations. Then really looks nearly everything the same. We call this industrial wedding photography. And this is not a judge- ment for what ever reason. I also had to learn and to accept that first…the why? (Long years ago.) There are some different traditions, cultures and societies on earth with very clear fixed requirements, how a wedding shoot result has to looks like. If Studios and clients follow these traditional requirements, there is no space for anything others. A photographer from another country with different culture has to learn very first everything about the different  „surrounding“, before he can do this job. It is more complex than somebody think. For all others I have another perspective and view with a different understanding I can explain. The background here in photography is PR, commercial fashion, PR stories, portraits and work with Agencies, Studios and Magazines beside wedding photography. That means high demanding for composing, stories, scenes and emotions. And I am a really engaged and serious Street- Photographer too. (Social Life, Cultural Life for many, many years on nearly all continents with Books, Art Projects and Exhibitions). All this is what somebody can feel in any talk and during a shoot, if he or she has the same deep passion and wants to create a unique result…like me. Available.