Values for your life… 
„For me this is hard to say. But I really make a different between PR-Photography and „Art Matters Stuff-Shootings“. And this is nothing what I ever plan to do. Maybe I have a feeling… It turns in this direction if the situation allows that. The only thing what I really can say is, that everything is special at that moment. My client is relaxed and has no time pressure. Everything is inspiring. The scene, the surrounding and light. I don‘t need to give instruction, someone does it from alone. I only need to press the shutter. On the other hand I perhaps have ideas and my client does it without any doubts. Something becomes unusual. Art Matters Stuff arise in special moments to me. For sure I can create the technical pre-conditions, but this is still not yet a guarantee that I say it will turn in this kind of philosophy.. But there is also another experience. It was a regular shooting, but later at the screen there are one or two photographs, they fulfill these special requirements. These photographs are not pure PR, they also have the potential for Art… or both. For the rest I never wait a client decision. Is it photographed like Art Matters Stuff, it will be also produces in this way.  In big print and as a framed artwork. 
With Art Matters Stuff I created a special philosophy. That has something to do with me personal as a Photographer,  nobody will influence. It comes from my deepest inner side and has nothing to do with the question how expensive the camera is I hold in my hands in that moment and how perfect will be the result? It is another perfection I strive for and not a technical... The source for this are special people and  Street Photography. However. What I say, …hard to explain.
But with this the story is not finished yet. To safe work, what is special to me requires also for the best production technology in printing and this with the best paper I can find. The story should ends in a form to fulfill my own requirements. To create values for a life. For that I designed and created the Glass-Book. It is not and it will not be available elsewhere only from my personal hands. Every book I photograph and I produce is a treasure to me. It has nothing to do with financial interests. This is Art Matters Stuff. Simply photography and production with an own philosophy. Feel invited to find it out.“
Photography by Christian von der Eltz