Random Spot Portraits: For this PR Magazine and for clients we move daily to photograph in Studios or on different locations. And during one of this trips our ways crossed for a short moment. It seems that something was special. Because one of our professional Photographers captured a photo or more… Our eyes for interesting people and scenes are always open. This unexpected and random meet has a result with different options: Maybe it is photo content for a next Social Media Story or the photograph for a framed print.  We photograph always in highest resolution. After we know your wish we will finish the image processing incl. retouching, ready for upload or print. Ready for handout with mail or messenger is agreed. For question please contact us any time.  
Prize list: incl. retouching per Photo
300 Px. / Smartphone:                Profilphoto                Wechat                Deliver with Wechat 560 Px. / Tablet:                 Instagram                 Facebook                 Linkedin…               Delivery with mail or wechat.
28 RMB/3,50 Euro 45 RMB/5,50 Euro
Print: incl. retouching, print file production,           print, frame. This is forever.          Delivery with mail or wechat.
10 x 15 cm: A4/ 21 x 29,8 cm: A3/ 29,7 x 42 cm: Set Flag 7/ 5 x 8 cm 40 x 60 cm: 88 x 63 cm: print size up to 2 meter, framed. Every big print production is a Art Matters Stuff - Production. Original only with mark and signature. No re-print.
Payment with receipt with Wechat or bank transfer in advance Deliver: personal
450,00 RMB/55,00 Euro
  85,00 RMB /  10,00 Euro 550,00 RMB /  65,00 Euro 895,00 RMB / 110,00 Euro    2.450 RMB/ 295,00 Euro    4.550 RMB/ 550,00 Euro
What is possible…
incl. frame
Not for commercial use.