Random Spot Portraits: „The hole world is a big on location photo studio. Everybody is a acting model…“ And the magazines name are Instagram, Facebook, Wechat…. What Photographer creates in a Studio for a shoot on purpose, happen every day everywhere and any time random. Real life scenes in real surroundings with real people. This is the reason why Photographer go with a camera on the „street“. By the way: Street is not be taken literally. The real meaning of „street“ is any place for a Photographer outside his home or Studio, if he moves on the street with a camera. Can also be a bar, a restaurant, a cafe, Hotel, at a beach or a local hotspot. Even a photograph in a air plane, taxi or train is street photography. Whatever it is… it is never a prepared scene.  All has to run fast… without guarantee. The sense of street photography is very first documentation. And sometimes it becomes special.   Maybe it is just a smile, a eye-catching face or style from someone or a performance which inspire. Some Photographer have a detailed eye for that and they take this photograph. In either case it it not arranged, but composed. It is authentic. Therefore this photographs have value. But the most difficult challenge is now to catch the interest of photographed people at that moment. There is no contact. Don‘t be angry if a Photographer talk to you for that what he dos or don‘ts. In his mind he do his job and nobody pay for this very first. And it is not done with the photograph. It needs time and effort for retouching and even perhaps  printing. Think! It was a moment in your life what the photographer captured. How can that be not important enough for a look?
Prize list: incl. retouching per Photo
300 Px. / Smartphone:                Profilphoto                Wechat                Deliver with Wechat 560 Px. / Tablet:                 Instagram                 Facebook                 Linkedin               Delivery with mail or wechat.
50 RMB 75 RMB
Print: incl. retouching, print file production,           print, frame. This is forever.          Delivery with mail or wechat.
10 x 15 cm: A4/ 21 x 29,8 cm: A3/ 29,7 x 42 cm: Set Flag 7/ 5 x 8 cm 40 x 60 cm: 88 x 63 cm: print size up to 2 meter, framed. Every big print production is a Art Matters Stuff - Production. Original only with mark and signature. No re-print.
Payment with receipt with Wechat or bank transfer in advance Deliver: personal
  85,00 RMB /  10,00 Euro 550,00 RMB /  65,00 Euro 895,00 RMB / 110,00 Eur    2.450 RMB/ 295,00 Euro    4.550 RMB/ 550,00 Euro
It could be photograph for your next Social Media Story or even a framed portraiture print. It could be…Art Matters Stuff… If you like to talk with us, we enjoy your contact. You are welcome. In China with WeChat or mobile: From everywhere in the world working: E-Mail PR-Magazine@ChristianvonderEltz.com
What is possible…