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Internal Project and Strategy Draft
Context: PR Magazine
The PR-Magazine is a internal media development, started with in 2018, ready for operational business in Dec. 2020. © Idea, conception, production, brand and domain rights: Chrstian von der Eltz, Public Relations CEA Communication & Creative Connections, Limited.
About PR…
PR is… Information/Infotainment Educational advertising and clearing up Market-, customer-client and guest) care
Proximity to customer… Entertainment and story telling Pre-condition for brand loyalty and customer retention
Awareness level and a positive press is a business factor.
PR Magazine - Front end A Magazine is not a static web page.
A ready established PR Magazine is a individual and official PR media publication by clients but produced and operated by CEA, Christian von der Eltz, Public Relations.
Frame layout
The frame is fixed with different page layouts CI-Logos will be adopted from  clients, if on hand. For every PR Magazine we develop an individual navigation structure. (PR-needs) The Magazine includes a functional PR-Area with communication interfaces direct to clients…option A,
Option B
… or the PR-Area is connected with the CEA back office for public communication services. Every PR Magazine is world wide available on any smart- phone. (Possibly with an own App) With it clients win an own PR-Magazine to Markets and target groups and…
a professional and experienced PR back office for cross media production and media distribution. PR is not sales, but it supports sales.
Back end/Back Office
4 A Agency know how level Strategical consulting Conceptual Theme Development Copy/Conception Layout and Design
Photo Studio Webprint Production 8 K Video Production Post Production
Project Management Project Administration RM/CM Management
We take responsibility:
Concept Chart
Work flow: The first steps after agreement and budget confirmation
We will please clients:… to fill out a contact sheet for a binding PR contact person (incl. Skype) We will write a requirement briefing to produce the PR-Area incl. kick off-story/Introduction and illustration material
We will write a requirement briefing for the navigation structure. We will produce a dummy version, means no registration in any searching engine this moment, but available with domain on clients smartphone.
Further steps
Running Media Content and running work flow details
Next meet: (personal or with Skype)
Period for media content and updates Daily, weekly or monthly Event- and exhibition planning in advance Time Management, deadlines, communication and production planning
The PR Magazine as a unique opportunity
Facebook, Instagram or other Social Media can never be a replacement or alternative for a profesional PR Back Office. This is indeed a kind of important public key infrastructure for media distribution and customer traffic. Only a real PR BO gives your public communication a strategical, conceptional and creative home-base without being a one way ticket. The willingness to be transparent and open for the public makes the change in the right direction. It opens the door in any way to clients, customer, guests and audience.
Learn more in a personal meet, presentation or virtual Skype video conference.
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