by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021
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PRM-PPT H a n d o u t
Internal Project and Strategy Draft
Pre-Condition for Clients
PR-Magazine light… as a temporary PR-Solution for:
PR-Magazine light… as a long term PR-Solution for:
Concept Chart
Running Media Content and running work flow details
Next meet: about conception and work flow
Period for media content and updates Daily, weekly or monthly Event- and exhibition planning in advance Time Management, deadlines, communication and production planning
The PR Magazine as a unique opportunity
Learn more in a personal meet, presentation or virtual Skype video conference.
PR L i g h t
Web page or… one official Social Media Account with one regular mail address
Invitation Promotion Product Portraits Events Single PR Story, Documentation and Reportage Single PR Projects Project Introduction Pre-Launch
Image PR Portrait/Story FMC (Fast moving content)         with running up dates (minimum weekly) Teasing
Cover Page (1) Main Page with Photo-/Copy Illustration (2) second Page (3) Imprint with communication interfaces
Every PR Magazine light can add endless more pages. But every PR Magazine light must get upgraded to a Full Version if there is the need for  different theme- and navigation structures.
Cost factors: I
PR Domain- and Interface installing: free of charge Frame layout production Once (with CI-Logos)                              250,00 Euro
Cost factors: II - Content
With Photo- and Copy delivery         (10 Quality Photos/landscape,         532 Pixel incl. illustration copy         and long copy: 250,00 Euro         With copy/conception and   Photo shoot by CEA: 500,00 Euro
PER PAGE WITH 10 Photos from the same photo set incl. Photography, image processing, next page, illustration copy, one advertisement Webprint-Visual production: 150,00 Euro
Story writing: 55,00 Euro per hour
We take responsibility
PR-Magazine light plus is the third option. Starting base on PRM-light standard with single page supplements and additional links.