China is just more than industry, production, trading and sales. China is also a hotspot fur cultural discovering in all fields of art. And one of these hotspots became Shanghai in the last 25 years. East meets west-art. Foreign artist are welcome with their art and performance. Jazz Music is only one of these arts, but Chinese have learned to love it. The best of the best jazz musicians are meanwhile established in Shanghai. They came from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa for teaching and performing. But the man, who made it possible, what the audience can see and hear today, came from Germany long years ago and he is still here. Rolf Becker, one of the leading Big Band Directors, composer and musician (he plays 8 instruments) did all and everything to establish Jazz in Shanghai and China.
He used his world wide connections to musicians to bring the elite to Shanghai. I personally met him the first time in 2018 during a jazz event. We talked about the needed requirements for professional jazz musicians in questions of PR and Marketing. We agreed a project together and we invited the musicians for a PR Photoshooting.
Rolf Becker and Gilbert Kuppusami, Mauritius, Drums 2018, Atelier Christian von der Eltz
Rolf Becker and Tinho Preira, Guitar Sao Paolo. Atelier Mengzi Lu, Atelier, Christian von der Eltz, 2018
Rolf Becker and Wilson Chen, Sax China. Atelier Mengzi Lu, Christian von der Eltz, 2018
Ralston van der Schyff Composer, Pianist, South Africa
We wrote a creative briefing and specified clear targets first. We wanted to bring the musicians with their names and and their special abilities in front of the Shanghai Jazz Scene. People should learn, who is who and in which clubs they play. We got started with shootings in the Shanghai-Atelier. „Reduced and focussed and intensive.“ Parallel Christian von der Eltz photographed for documentary stage- performance in all nameable jazz clubs. We created a kind of story telling for local Social Media.
Stage Performance Shoot Jazzi Club, Shanghai 2018
After watching the results from the very first PR-Shooting, Christian von der Eltz marked the historical value for the future. The focus changed from a pure PR-Photo requirement to a more artistic documentation. The idea for a next                       production began. From this moment Christian von der Eltz took all time and effort on his role. The complete Artwork collection is free of rights from third parties. Copyright and using rights, incl. print-, production- and publishing rights: Christian von der Eltz/CEA Hong Kong Ltd. Today we show 15 exhibitions portrait-photographs, framed 88 x 63 cm. The complete art exhibition includes over 150 photographs. These photographs are not for sales. It is a future heritage.
Certainly there is an option for an external loan collection. Contact Aside from that there is a book project in planning with the best photographs about this… Run: 50 Pieces world wide with personal signature. (Glass Book Edition) Per Piece: 1.000 Euro plus delivery (Weighting factor: around 4 KG) Pre-Order with fax, no mail: +852.3020.9552
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