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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
Business to Business
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Today real career and success is no more just only a question of education, expertise and experience. This seems no more enough. For that the competition is too hard and gross. Who knows you?… Why …and for what? That‘s the question. The base for real success is a question of contacts, connections and what you (can) show and how in which way ever. And abilities, performance and work! Attention and recognition. Especially young people with an independent mind get started early to lead a public media life as soon as possible. They create media channels in instagram, youtube and tiktok, Linkedin… They deliver. It is more than remarkable that leading brands, nameable manager, Agencies and organisations watch, follow and copy this earlier „fast food media“. But the reality shows also that it is not enough to open an account for publishing uncontrolled content without any conception and quality. That kills every image. And of course any un- professional acting provokes for a reaction with ignorance or negative statements. (facebook) Otherwise is this the way today to build a PR Story, which creates daily new contacts and opportunities. And it is really irrelevant, what somebody do. There isfor all and everything a market or a target group. Media accounts build material values too. If content, photographs and stories are good enough, they make turn over with any post. (publishing) Only 15 years ago we knew for PR only cinema, tv, broadcasting and print. And all these was local and restricted for every private person. There was a lot budget required to move a step in. Today we have all that world wide with free access for everyone. The experience has shown, that people who use that are much more successful than the others who think it this stupid… They loose the essential advantage. For all this reasons everybody should have a trustful photographer connection for content production,  if there is a strategic long term target. The world is visual! This Photographer should have a strong PR Agency background and long term experience as a Creative Director (PR). Cross Media.
Fist he will learn you better, your targets He will create a lead- and concept He will lead and control your media
and future requirements.
With strategy and the right picture language. And he will photograph and produce it.
Finally together you will build a world
wide circle of meaningful and helpful connections with follower. And if „you“ do all right, the success is guaranteed. People with residence or targets in Europe or in the US should know, that recruiter, agencies and everybody who hire people, for what ever reason, use and check this tools to find out who somebody is and what? Even Universities… But this is not a sprint…this is a little marathon but a booster for every person and career. No other tools offers more opportunities. But it requires for discipline.
Tell your story, but professional as a magazine. With plan. Why! This is mean- while a media science on top level. Learn more: co-work
…or where else you can find your target group.
The „me“ becomes a brand.©