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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
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It seems meaningless, but if we watch detailed in the past, independent how many hundreds of years back, we will see, that in real not so much has changed. We are human beings and our acting is not really different today. It only looks different. It is just a modern version. It is simple stuff. People build a house and walls around it. The higher, the better. And in the beginning it is more a small home of course. Since thousands of years. Another requirement is to have abilities and skills. We call that „Job“. Everybody does something for living. And the more someone earn, the higher is the life quality and the desire for protection. Also this is not new. Some people have more, some people have less. How can that be if everybody starts under the same conditions? Or perhaps still not…? It is so long the world turns around. Everybody fights for a better life…  … like this lonely hunter. He always went only alone in the forest. He always came back only with a rabbit for his familiy. But one day he saw big pigs. Many pigs and it seems they got very aggressive as they saw him. No chance for hunting. He run away to safe his life. Back in his little village he talk to with friends. He build a team and promised all citizens enough to eat for the next weeks, if they support him. Together they moved back into the forest and they came back with 10 pigs. It was an exiting hunt. The lonely hunter became famous. Everybody talks about him and his success, but also his promise to share, he kept. He starts to teach others how to hunt pigs, but he  stayed at home now, made „money“ with „workshops“  and talked in pubs about pigs. He became more famous with „networking“ and new connections. A PR Story was born… His son learned also these skills and his wife met other women to tell them how her families life changed. Finally the lonely hunter got rich and influential. He build a bigger house, changed his dress and lifestyle. A prince took notice from that and invited him for a lunch.  And of course he wanted to know, how he did that all? The hunter explained, that he learned all about pigs and how they live first. And then he found a „strategy“ for a successful hunt. The prince was impressed. Someone with such skills could be also helpful to defend the princedom. So he wanted to give him a job in his military service. First the hunter says, he could not do this. He would not have any idea about military. But then he thought again. If he can learn to hunt pigs, then he also can learn this. So he pleased for a learning phase. (Study and training on the job) After a year he knew everthing about the military of his princedom and he started to optimise all with new ideas and concepts. Everything changed as he dislodged dangerous intruders. He got more power, more money and benefits. He became a leader. Now he wants, that everybody knows him in the country. He creates a logo, he formed principles and rules in moral and ethics and he started to judge unfair acting. People loved him as a ideal for all what he does and predators kept distance for his cleverness in military actions.
He died old. And yes he died wealthy. But the people remind him not for this. They remind him as a man with honour, with principles and for his wise decisions. The castle he left is just only a collection of old stones. More important was the man inside the castle.  His son and all following generations carried the flag proud and high, but never arrogant. 850 years later could that be the story about founding a dynasty. The time has changed in some important aspects. Today people want to start at once with building a „castle“  in the figurative sense, not knowing what is the consequence of all and the responsibility? But sometimes „the castle“ is to big. If you got it, you need to „defend“ it… There is no different if we talk about how to manage a castle and a life 850 years ago by comparison on today. The only different is our technical development and the tools we use. The human being are the same and their acting and thinking nearly too. With it the requirements. Don‘t think this is post-medieval thinking. But who don‘t want to understand the past with all that what we have learned will not build any future. Not for himself and not for others. Ignorant people will not understand there is another league exist. In this league play mostly still people with old schooled thinking deeply connected with traditions and other values. They are educated in Harvard, Oxford or other elite schools for economic and business. Or they come from the same caliber of schools in music and Art. They are trained for special principles and educated to build values. Collected experiences from older generations are here capital for learning how to make decisions and not old stuff. But not everybody can go to Harvard or Oxford. For that another aspect is significant. Talent and the willingness to learn for the rest of a life. (Training on life and on the job for experience) Rule: „People carry and support people they are compatible.“ These mentors  give orientation, direction, input, ideas and inspiration. And all that influences what we do or better…can do. Our real opportunities. Consulting is know-how and experience exchange and not a question of believing. That requires for listening and learning something new. If somebody wants to get successful in more than one part of  life, this somebody needs to be prepared for another playground in future. A good preparation for new themes, new people, new questions  and new requirements is needed. Maybe sometimes also another behaviour, better manners and a new style could be helpful too. A change… Develop yourself and invest in yourself. Not for becoming simple rich and not to build castles first.  No, to become better…to get brilliant. Show that you can do the „job“ successfully alone first with, before you become a leader. There is truly enough moderateness on this planet. And because of this „you“ should learn to lead a professional public life with the „rules of game“ we still play already so long, …long time.  There comes the the day you have to show face. Latest now you should be prepared for all what will and can happen and you should have learned: „A brand is more than just a logo“. Products are exchangeable. People too! No branding. No standing. With…or without a „castle“. Create life content and Public Relations.  Questions are welcome.
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