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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
Image Data Base
A professional IMDB/Imaga Data Base is a conceptual and structured Photo Archive and with is a administrative development. The IMDB structure includes all individual requirements with relevance for a client and his issues. It is a professional managed and operated photo archive for: photo delivery to third parties with …license agreement Social Media and Press media illustration/media production story telling documentation and a lots of more For that a professional IMDB requires for: subject menu creativity quality quantity base of valid using rights and media law. All that in highest possible resolution for cross media use up to big prints. All others make absolute no sense. For the most client PR applications we already have the minimum of basic structure requirements. For example: PR Photo People PR Photo Artists PR Photo Hotel F&B… (Upgrade) PR Photo Retail… For more details we need to know our clients better. But it is a ready beginning and a first briefing for the photographer. The better the IMDB the more better the PR work. Follow your specific PR-Magazine part and keep frequently contact to your Consultant.
This is capital !
Using Rights and Media Law