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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
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Artists have to make a basic decision: They only want just to survive from gig to gig or they want to have a successful life as a artist. That makes the all-dominant difference. Single musicians without band- or orchestra contract are freelancers with full responsibility for everything. It means also responsible for new arrangements and any kind of administration including PR and artist marketing.  The reality is another one. Education in music or generally in art excludes education in any kind of global business management. „What I don‘t know does not exist…“ and with logical consistentcy there is less interest. But artists feel this deficit every day. We know to play an instrument on the highest level requires for hard work. And the competition is incredibly tough. There are so many brilliant talents. And everybody wants the same whatever „you“ want, others want it too. This is no more a question of how good someone plays, this is just only a question how professional the back office works if there is one in charge. We don‘t know of any successful artist without a PR back office. Of course there are different constructions possible, but completely alone without any support can only end in final disaster. Single musicians, bands, groups but also other artists like painters or writers are welcome for a basic talk. We will explain the way what to do and how to act like a real professional artist. And we will explain what we can do and how we can perform active support. We will make a cross check with what you have and what it looks like. And then we make a decision. Unfortunately we cannot work for every artist. This is not so much a question of finance, it is more a question of discipline and the real will to work professionally also with active support for „the own future of PR back office.“ In case we come together we already want to prepare you for which kind of requirements we have to fullfil to build your individual Image Data Base. IMDB. Without it we cannot do anything.