PR Photo Shoots Work with kids.
Kids in the age up to 7 to 8 years old  don‘t follow a photographer and his advices. They loose very fast patience and we will see in in the later result. No! Reverse. The photographer has to follow the kids. And we have our special concept how to do this with fun and a quality result. We search for a location. Can be a park, can be a fountain, can be a playground. Something for what kids have interest. We let them play and we let them do what they want. If they get wet,…fine. If they get dirty,… no problem. After the shoot we can dress them or make them dry. During the shooting guide kids only with limited pushing. We play with them. That‘s all. And during this game, we photograph. We try to avoid that kids a focussed at the Photographer. All others will not work. We look for little snacks and we looks for some drinks and perhaps some little toys they like. And then we them let do. The result is will be very emotional and authentic. The dress should not be too colour mixed! (No graphics or crazy signs and drawings at the dress).  The photo focus would change. Regular shootings With kids under 10 years old we photograph regular not longer than one hour. If the mood is solid we let it run.