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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
Every event is: cultivation of one‘s image branding entertainment active networking social life communication public communication motivation
Every event with its unique theme already writes a perfect PR story. But location, decoration concepts, guests and scenes gives every event this final glamour first. That makes it special for unforgettable moments and memories. 50 percent of all event impacts happen in real after the event with the right conceptual PR follow up steps. To make that possible, the event holder should involve an Creative Director and Photographer (PR) from the beginning. They „write and develop“ the conceptual storyboard for saving the investment and to bring it consequently to an successful end.
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Finally event holder creates this for influence to come closer with decison makers, target groups, VIP‘s or any kind of people, they are important for what ever…
The key is a organized and produced Event IMDB for PR, Press or/and handouts. It is a detailed event documentation.
Rough conceptual shot book.
We offer Event Shootings with own temporary Event.PR-Magazine.