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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
PR Photos are separate in single photos for a story- or a media illustration, selected from a  gross shooting result independent from  quantity. For a Social Media Post or Magazine with short copy illustration or combined with article, for a magazine-, book- or CD cover there is mostly only one photo required. Same as a portrait frame shoot and later printed artwork is a qualitative and quantitative screen selection commendable. But the final shooting result includes perhaps hundreds of photos and delivers with it already material for the next PR publication. It is a theme shoot. A PR Story Shoot based on a conceptual story draft. For example the Social Media Channel WeChat allows 9 Photo as a set release. Means Creative Director and Photographer will develop a  Story with 9 Photos. Another project plans a Social Media Story or let‘s say 20 double pages along with a copy context story. It is a scene shoot. All these details should be fixed in a written briefing for a later good organised process. The cost calculation includes time and effort for the shooting and the real quantitative screen selection the client will publish. Additional there are license fee costs for using rights in case of a commercial use. This factor base on a media planning. The final proposal covers the net selection of the delivery and shooting costs incl. using right agreement. This is only a rough idea about the principle how it works in nearly all Studios. But of course other models of calculation are imaginable. Package solutions for standards as a all-in proposal for example. Mostly clients have it in their hands to form a good agreement. The more clear the briefing the more binding is the money talk. The very best is to communicate in a written brief a requirement description and everything what is expected. Also a idea about the maximum budget what is in plan. All this is for every Photographer helpful. Serious photographer will not misuse this information. But it should be understandable that there is a cost difference between a beginner with 2-3 years experience and someone who did it nearly 40 years…
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