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PR Press Media Content - Retail
PR Press Media Content
Somebody or nobody? The me becomes a brand. Nikon. Fuji. Bowens Pro  Photo
Editorial focussed on user interests
In cooperation
 Introduction  Story includes  Cafes and others
 Local Spot Development  Street Photography
 PRM allow a look    from outside to inside  
 Availabe on every  smartphone with  QR code
 Your Portrait  Story…
 Retail PR  Brands & Products  
1 hour
The PR Magazine creates local spots Cafes & Gallery Tips With visual concepts Window Shopping creates desire PR Media Consulting Time Invest
Worth it.
PR sales better than „sales“
 PRM implements your  shop in the local  surrounding
 Window  Shopping attracts
 Here we explain the idea for  products and collections in  functionality and design
 is the key  for attention
 It is a question of  presence, expertise,  acting, the right statements,  courage and creativity.  And it is not a question  of money or budget.  It is an invest in yourself.
A pitch
 …is a professional PR tool  and not Social Media;  but connected.
Lifestyle + Special Interest Retail Every contact can be a sales pitch
Only contebt with added learning value. Content