The Spot Portrait Introduction This concept lives from special location ideas we explored. In conjunctions with a location we create a theme, the look and all required details. This is binding for later unique photographs we want to produce with professional time and effort.   If we are ready for a theme, we will publish an announcement on Social Media and here in the PR-Magazine. The shooting is free of charge, but we will fix already a single photo prize for digital files (1500 Pixel retouched) in advance. These size is suitable for any social media publishing, smartphone-, tablet- and pc-device. The originals fulfil highest print quality standards for later Art Matters Stuff- Productions, we offer.
Any misuse from our side is consequently debarred. We follow the ethics of inter- national valid media law. That excluded any commercial use for advertising and sales or the invasion of personal privacy. But finally the Photographer keeps proprietary rights. It is tolerable to show reference-artwork or selected photographs as Art Matters Stuff for documentation.