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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
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To create strategic Public Relations can become a fundamental measure for building a stable target group. Finally it is a question of image, business relevance and pure awareness level. A awareness level with high attention and influence requires for media presence. The more a (brand-) name shows up, the more people and target groups take notice. This is a normal process. The key is creative and quality media content including media distribution. We photograph nearly every day new PR Photos without order for our PR Image Database. But we do it with strategical planning because of our knowledge which themes are topical . In our business a lot happens also random and suddenly there is an idea for a potential client post. We write a short PR-media draft including photo (pdf) for showing. The Photo.PR-Magazine.com supports the later media distribution but also the communication process between client and PR back office. Every photo we produce is a kind of media micro campaign. After agreement we deliver the Photo (532 Pixel) first to our client with short copy/text illustration. He published the Photo on his Social M. Accounts. Same here. We publish on PR-Magazine Social Media Accounts with client name and web address incl. local client hashtag for more traffic and likes. The Photo sponsor ship (Photo present by:…) The Photo Post shows an interesting local subject or theme, which the client present. Precondition: The Photo must work as a kind of vehicle with client context. In this way clients push the quality and quantity of media content. Costs: Per Photo Post incl. copy/text illustration 25,00 Euro / 200 RMB A official web page with imprint confirms the physical and legal existence from brands and companies.
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It is the media front end to the market and research tool. Social Media can never be a compensation. We offer a professional solution.