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 by Christian von der Eltz Public Relations 2021 Summary
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Retail is more than just a POS or a store to buy a product directly. Retail is a kind of established institution in all of our cities which creates atmosphere and life quality for everyone. Without, the cities would looks poor and lonely. But with starting online business comes a „game changer“ and with it a hard competition. People build new habits. The retail is challenged with new and different requirements. The PR Magazine and its back office is perfectly prepared to support the retail and make him fit with new ideas and other priorities for the future. With it we try to give retail owners a new direction and orientation beside E-Commerce. After a personal presentation talk retail clients will also understand the requirements for the Retail Image Data Base.
Rethink if you want a perspective for your shop. The future is a mix by showroom, e-commerce, promotions and events and additional values. PR is the key to make it alive.