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by Christian von der Eltz
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Paolo Lucioli Tuscany/Italy + Shanghai
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A profile photo is already a visual PR statement. And the key is light, shadows, …eyes…
Mrs. Revetta Conley, Dallas, Tx. USA Jazz Vocals
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Romain Trouble Directeur general ED
On Board Pess Conference Hong K. Casting Call Louise
10 Portrait Shooting    you should know
Cover shoot
Mr. Alan Xia, CEO about taylor made production
Mr. Alan X. (CEO)  explains how to produce tailor made fashion with sustainability
Golf Pro PR Escort and other samples
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Spot Street Travel Trip
Single Photo 1000 Px. retouched 3,50 Europe 25 RMB Set 5 max. 12,50 Euro 100 RMB
For sharing and Social Media Publishing Delivery with e-mail or messenger
Street Photography no commercial use
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What it is? Part II