Fengjing 08/20
Water channels and little bridges
The time stands quiet. Fengjing is full of romantic
He knows… who match with whom
„Looking for a girlfriend“ Wechat…
Fengjing Augst 2020 Distance to Shanghai: around 65 km
Water taxi for locals and tourists
Famous museum about book design
Town house at the water channel
Local book shop unique pieces
The place to make a wish Ceremony
Thousands of little plates hanging here or in trees
Introduction Chinese/English
Nabour Shop with historical memories
Another museum Something about cooking
Channel bridge Fengjing
View from the bridge right side: a lane full of restaurants
Open Gallery for traditionals ART writing. painting. photograhy…
Photographs Portraits
Philosophy If you work hard, you receive more…
Bridge with lion guards
Gallery Tea Corner
Town house working owner
Re-building Town house
River/Water Channel Taxi
Water Channel Taxi Bootsman Portrait
Water channel trip girls round
Random Street Portrait
Wall painting Fengjing Entry Painting meets Photography