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Studio Atelier News
They are wise. They are older. They tell us stories about life, experience and how they see the world with other eyes. We can …and we should learn from them. It is a honour to have them in front of a camera. Who they are and perhaps who they was we can read in their faces and in their…           Life Portraits.
Who somebody is and what not… …and which role somebody play is mostly a secret. A real personal shoot is a sign of trust. The result is a view in the soul. After that „you“ know each other.
„A business portrait photo“ is a little bit like a brand photo. If somebody can „read“ photos and body language then it can tell us something about personality and charisma. It can give us a feeling about trust and other features somebody could have. Business portraits affected people. But in which way? Wilful or unconscious? This is a question of targets and real impact. Another aspect could be the later media application. A business portrait is also a visual statement. It should one-to-one communicate with copy and media layout… Proposal
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Shanghai Moscow Munic Fashion Portrait Editorial
Business Portrait: Jac Theising, CEO
Mr. Al Gordon, San Francisco, Drums
The kids from today are the leader from tomorrow. They have our full attention. Learn more.
Janine. Fashion Brand Owner and THE FACE for Retail Campaign in Manila, Philipine. Coming soon.
The first Sommeliere was perhaps somebody who lives 2019 years ago. Any idea…? “I saw him in a restaurant and I wanted him at once…
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