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The Story about Street Photography, Street Portraits and Street Art
Street Photography is the most authentic part in photography to me. It is the source for inspiration and ideas to me. Street photography is a daily cultural documentation about life. I do it with love  and passion. Serious Street Photographer see the changes in a period of time. They have another perception and they develop a special eye for scenes and people. They take time and they have time, if they do this. And they are awake for details and much more sensitive for scenes than others. There is never an expectation. Everything can happen any time. At the end of the day there is perhaps one real photo. Perhaps there are ten, perhaps there is nothing That makes Street Photography so exiting. Trips, travels or walks get another signi- ficance. There is no area what Street-Photographer not touch. Street Photographer are inquiring. The idea of „no interest“ is not exist and may not be allowed here. That makes some Photo- grapher very! special… how far they go… Over 50 percent of artworks in galleries are portraits, documentation and Street- Photography. Street Photography creates values. Without, a lot of beautiful and meaningful artworks would not be exist… and… interested visitors could safe time to go in a gallery, attending a vernissage or a photo art event.
Christian von der Eltz Photographer
Street Photography is…