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Personally, I don‘t think that PR is primarily a question of theoretical strategies, numbers and statistics. I am also not convinced that the endless fight for followers on social media should be in the foreground. The daily experience shows basically exactly the opposite. If you really want to create a lasting positive image, you are less concerned about the vanity of your own brand, but created added value for the public. Other- wise we are talking about advertising. Public Relation develops topics, stories, information, learning and experience value. Media Content is a additional trustful source. Something, what people can believe. Committed to the truth. So if PR is called in the same breath as marketing, advertising and strategically integrated communication, you should not give credibility to this promise. As as rule, this is no more then the next sales campaign only with another term. If anything, PR is closer to journalism than one of the communication disciplines listed here. And there are many good reasons for this. It is very easy to verify this. If „PR“ deals thematically with product features, but not with a problem itself or a problem solution without branding, this is a recommendation and thus advertising. No problem, but please don‘t call it PR. Public Relations requires thinking from one‘s own topic and brand to a much more global context. Hence the critical question: „Can PR be a campaign, or does PR thematized ?“ I think the latter!
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