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CEA PR Communication and Studio is looking for models. Male and female, well tended with classical life style. Age between 25 and 55. We photograph Hotel- and Restaurant scenes, fashion, street and retail. Studio and On location. We don‘t care nationality or other aspects. Steadiness is important. First we need some casual photos from you with a wee bit personal details, how we can come in contact. Second step is a personal talk. Third step is a professional portrait shooting for a set-card. This shooting is free of charge. Unfortunately we cannot hand-out this photos but we need your permisson for showing and publishing. If you have interest please contact: Mail@ChristianvonderEltz.com
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For people with interest in creative business.
Portrait Photographer for Public Media Work (PR) and personal. Business Portraits, Fashion Portraits, PR-Stories, Life Portraits, Personal Art- Portraits, Jazz Musician Portraits. Book-, Calendar- and Frame productions.
Photographer and Art buying Magazine Smart Phone Edition Asia. Europe. USA.
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Fashion, Beauty and Accessory Product Photography, Retail Campaig Photography and Illustration. Street Photography
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